At ETHDenver 2019 Formatic and Opolis from The Bad Crypto Podcast give Ethereum developers the chance to make a thirty second pitch on why people should be interested in their projects. Developers from the crowd volunteer and line up to come on stage during the live event for their thirty seconds fame, will they crash and burn or knock it out of the park?

Andreas Antonopoulos at ETHDenver 2019, explains why he believes Ethereum is unstoppable code. He goes into extensive detail on why he thinks utility exists in the Ethereum blockchain, from immutability to unregulated black market trade.

This month Kurt traveled to Boulder, Colorado to visit Helping Hands Herbals, a local dispensary that recently began accepting Bitcoin payments. He was the dispensary’s first customer to pay with Bitcoin and was able to document the historic event, as well as interview the shop’s owner, known among the crypto community as Bitcoin Mom.