Trading, investing, and working in the cryptocurrency industry

Cryptocurrency today is like the internet in the 1990’s. You already know the names of the internet visionaries — people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs.

The next generation of visionaries are making names for themselves right now in the cryptocurrency industry. It’s an exciting and promising time to get involved


Mastering the stock market

With 5 years of experience trading profitably in the stock market, Kurt knows what it takes to be successful in this competitive but lucrative field. And he can help you figure out if you have ‘it’ too.


take control of your future

Most people don’t take life seriously in their teens and 20’s. Many don’t realize how much time they’ve wasted until they’re already past their prime years.

If you are young and you get serious about your future now, the possibilities are practically infinite. You will have an enormous advantage over your peers, and you can achieve more success by 30 than most people experience in an entire lifetime.

We’re here to help inspire and guide you.

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Mechanical Engineering Graduate. Full time trader and investor with 5 years of market experience. New Product Development. Bitcoin and blockchain expert.



Mechanical engineering graduate. Works full-time in the cryptocurreny industry. Has been location independent since 2017, living in China, USA, Croatia, and the Czech Republic.