Expert Knowledge of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and some of the thousands of cryptocurrencies that have followed it are already beginning to impact industries throughout the global economy.

Much like the internet in the 1980’s and 1990’s, it’s difficult to say exactly where this is all headed. What’s far easier to say, however, is that the opportunities available in the nascent crypto industry can change your life if you learn how to take advantage of them.

We have been making our livings in the cryptocurrency market since 2016 and understand the ins and outs of this world far better than most.

Kurt has built a 6-figure portfolio trading Bitcoin and altcoins, while also making contributions to multiple projects in the past 2 years. One of Kurt’s projects is currently in development and will be announced when it launches publicly.

Daniel leveraged his engineering background to begin working as a technical writer on blockchain in early 2017, later founding a marketing business for ICOs, STOs, and early-stage projects. With clients in 5 continents and content published on more than 100 different cryptocurrencies, Daniel’s knowledge of the industry is extensive.