Artist Spotlight

As a community of entrepreneurs, it’s important to create an ecosystem where many different types of creators can coexist and benefit from one another. To do this, we want to allow community members to contribute to projects as much as possible along the way.

The Artist Spotlight is a way for up and coming musicians to get featured in YouTube videos. By providing high quality music as a creator, you can contribute to the ecosystem and make the quality of Capital Creators content better — and gain more exposure for your own music.

Even though we are asking for permission to work with artists and share their music, we feel its important to respect the copyright that exists on their work. To ensure that we don’t infringe on the artists copyright before using their work, we want to provide clarity on some key questions.

Common Questions

+ How much of your copyrighted work is used?

Our videos will feature 0-30 sec. soundbites from a select track.

+ How is the market for your original work affected by this use?

Due to the unique content of our videos that are not directly related to the track being featured, it rarely overlaps with the demographics of the original market.

+ Does this use significantly transform your original work, or does it serve the same purpose?

We will typically produce 6-15 min. videos unrelated to featured track, ensuring that the work is significantly transformed and doesn’t serve the same purpose as something like a music video would, for example.

If the following criteria are met, the use of artists tracks fall into an exception to copyright protection called fair use.

+ Why follow these guiglines?

This simplifies the process of having musicians contribute to the ecosystem. Not having to create a contract allows for artists to maintain full autonomy of copyrights while giving us the ability to feature their work.

+ How we highlight artists

A visual is accompanied with the song displaying the artist's name and song title, as shown below. Then a link is added in the description to allow interested viewers to easily connect with artists on their favorite streaming services.


If you want the chance to be featured send us an email with ARTIST SPOTLIGHT as the subject along with links to your music profiles such as soundcloud.

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Update 9/23/2019


First Featured Musician In The "Artist Spotlight"


As we continue to develop an ecosystem for creators, we are focussing on the importance of building one that's inclusive for people with a wide variety of skill sets. Our mission is to provide creators with a network rich in resources that are imperative to your success as an entrepreneur.

To make this possible we have created avenues for partnerships with many different types of creators, such as musicians which led us to creating the “Artist Spotlight”. Subsequent to launching the Artist Spotlight we were proud to have featured our first artist, TiDUS, of which I am a long time fan.

First Featured Artist - TiDUS shown in recent Capital Creators YouTube content.

First Featured Artist - TiDUS shown in recent Capital Creators YouTube content.

This partnership represents the beginning of a flourishing network of creators that can work together to build a platform that offers tools for your success.

- Kurt S.

Update 10/1/2019


Akash, Our Next Featured Artist

The Beginning of Something New

After featuring our second artist, Akash, the benefits of developing an ecosystem for creators to collaborate has become apparent. This doesn’t just have a big impact on the exposure for the artist but it also expands the horizons of Capital Creators, allowing the network to grow stronger by incorporating more creators.

Capital Creators Instagram Story

Capital Creators Instagram Story

As we keep producing content we look forward to the continuing development of relationships with talented up and coming artists such as Akash.

Although the “Artist Spotlight” is in its infancy it’s awesome to see the impact we can have helping musicians reach a broader audience.

In the Capital Creators Instagram story shown you can see the amount of exposure gained, representing the tangible benefit that being part of a coalition creators can bring.

“Cruise” by Akash - Featured in “What Is Bitcoin” our latest YouTube content.

“Cruise” by Akash - Featured in “What Is Bitcoin” our latest YouTube content.

We asked Akash what it means to him to be a creator and he said

"I am a strong believer that expression is necessary to find a solid meaning in whatever it is that you do.

Music is the form of communication that I find the deepest value in, and it allows me to completely express my thoughts. It always seems to be the smallest moments that inspire me to create the most. Whether it's a time that put a smile on my face, a walk through a forest, or a strange coincidence: these are the moments that evoke thoughts, and hold a great significance to me. They inspire me to create. And that's the only reason why I do it.

I am all for collaboration and view it as an opportunity to help a person grow (in their valued form of expression.) Remember, it's the subtleties in life that construct the bigger picture."